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ActioPlus Gamify

ActioPlus is an employee wellness and engagement solution that uses gaming mechanics to motivate employees to be more active and improve the overall activity level of the organization using our ActioScore™

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The ActioScore™ is a number calculated based on how active you are as a company. ActioPlus takes the data from your employees activity(steps, gym visits and workouts) and you will recieve your number.

The fun part?

Compete against other organizations that are in the Actio Wellness Community for the top spot on the leaderboard for most active company!

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Activity with Gamification

Download the app and connect your fitness tracker to get started.

Unique gamification experience, making sure your employees stay motivated, healthy and happy.


Why ActioPlus

Improve company culture

Physical activity can be used as an effective team building tool.

Increase Productivity

Physical activity can play a major role in promoting the physical and mental health of employees.

Data Insights

Gathering data from multiple health and fitness apps to form cohesive view of employee health.

Employee Engagement

Research has shown that employees who are fit and active have lower levels of absenteeism.

Company DashBoard

Tracking, monitoring, and statistics are all part of the innovative dashboard. Get fitness insights and measure your reward program’s performance.

Apps And Devices

Connect the mobile health devices you already use and love to earn rewards.

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